Alice Schwarzer and Allianz

Perhaps due to this result, the first seminar on the situation of women was held for female employees at Allianz's head office in 1978. One report about the seminar featured the telling title: "Alice Schwarzer had to stay outside..." The founder of Emma magazine had propelled herself to the rank of one of Germany's most respected, but also one of its most hated feminists, at least since the publication of her book "The Small Difference and its Big Consequences", which analyzed female sexuality.

Women in front of the camera. A spokeswoman presents the training film ”EDV aktuell” (IT today). (1972)

What the author wanted to get across was that there was no room for polemics and excessive social debate at the Allianz seminar. Instead, its aim was to address problems and search for solutions. The participants raised issues like day-to-day discrimination when dealing with colleagues, such as the assumption that they were automatically responsible for making coffee and using the typewriter, as opposed to the lack of career opportunities. One tangible result of the seminar was that basic technical insurance seminars were to be offered to women to make up for the shortfalls in training that had been identified.

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