1968 and women

By the end of the 1960s, however, the spirit of the age was changing. The social and political movements of the 1968 era, the revolt of many young men and women against the world and social norms of their parents' generation shook structures and ideas about the role of women that, up until that time, had been entrenched. New initiatives called for opportunities for women and girls to become emancipated. In as early as 1969, Allianz reacts logically in its advertising campaigns: the campaign entitled "The modern women" shows, and is aimed specifically at self-assured, independent, confident women with
money of their own.

New images of women: Leaflet containing an application form for accident insurance for modern women. (1969)

But at least to begin with, the wave of social changes only had a minor impact, if any, on work and career opportunities for women. While Allianz launched an initial experiment to test flexi-time in the early 1970s, the company still appeared to be stuck in the past in many respects: out of 1,250 employees in the Munich head office at the time, 489 were women, and out of 71 positions with signing authority, only one was held by a woman.

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