New areas of work for women

Two particular developments in the 1920s also opened up new areas of work to women at Allianz. Various types of insurance, particularly life insurance, but also property and casualty insurance, became mass market products in the two decades after World War One: in order to organize this mass business in a profitable manner, Allianz had to rationalize and simplify its working processes. The amount of work performed by hand was reduced and – where possible – processes were mechanized.

Women working in ADVV‘s registry department using calculating machines. (around 1920)

As a result, the company invested in office technology: accounting machines, addressing machines and punched card systems. Many of these machines were operated by women who, as a matter of course, were paid lower salaries than men. In the 1930s, for example, women were working at Allianz as keypunching clerks, printing clerks at addressing machines, secretaries, administrators in the bookkeeping and statistics departments, lab assistants in the material test center, telephone operators at head office and in branch offices, stenotypists, cleaners, as well as in the company' s canteens and convalescence homes.

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